News Reporter Makes Super Inappropriate ‘Joke’ On Live TV, Crashes And Burns

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Oh, Steve Keeley, next time just stick to talking about how much snow there is.

Plenty of awkward moments happen on live TV, and sometimes they are just brutal to watch. Let’s all remember the time sports reporter Tony Jones tried to kiss his news anchor Rebecca Judd and was completely rejected. There was also the time Charlie Shortino was to blame for the most awkward moment in broadcasting history. Well, that is until now.

Keeley, of Philadelphia’s FOX 29, was out and about and reporting on the heavy snow in Philly when he decided to make a joke about his colleague Mike Jerrick’s pink sweater. Not only was it inappropriate, but it was just so damn horrible. You can literally feel the embarrassment pouring out of the clip.

Let’s all watch Keeley crash and burn.

News Reporter Makes Super Inappropriate ‘Joke’ On Live TV, Crashes And Burns

Holy hell, that was bad. Add on the fact that Jerrick himself says “I don’t think this is appropriate,” and Keeley just looks like a bigger tool.

It’s pretty clear that Keeley is a douche. It’s also pretty clear that Keeley doesn’t understand that men wear pink sometimes, and it’s honestly not a big deal. Then again Keeley is freezing his ass off and Jerrick is in a nice warm studio, so I guess Jerrick wins this round.

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