‘Power Rangers’ Trailer Recut To Original Theme Song Is How It Should Have Been

Everyone misses certain aspects of their childhood, but revamping them isn’t always the solution we hope it will be. Occasionally a reboot will work so well that you don’t even realize it was a reboot, but for the most part, the majority of movies, TV shows, and even bands were simply a product of their time and best left where they were.

It’s debatable whether the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series falls into the category of “best left alone” since their recent comic book revival is actually pretty damn entertaining, but the jury is still very much out on the show’s upcoming gritty film reboot — especially since it has already been done in the past to an arguably better result. There’s just something missing when it comes to the latest trailer for the film. It feels more like a preview for the next Transformers movie than Power Rangers.

But that’s all about to change…

‘Power Rangers’ Trailer Recut To Original Theme Song

That’s right, YouTuber Sebastian Hughes went ahead and did an amazing recut to the trailer using the same style — and most importantly, theme music — as the original opening credits to everyone’s favorite Saturday morning ’90s action/adventure show. And wouldn’t you know it, here come all those nostalgic feels you probably didn’t get while watching the actual trailer released last week.

Again, we aren’t saying the movie won’t be good. However, with such a ridiculous premise, perhaps dark and gritty isn’t exactly the way to go. Of course, if you can pull off monsters made of putty, evil sorceress who live on the moon, and Bryan Cranston’s floating head without making us laugh, more power to you.

h/t EW

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