Kevin Smith Talks ‘Supergirl’ In Exclusive Clip From DC All Access

If you’re a fan of the DC superhero dramas on The CW, this is a big week for you! The midseason break is over, and Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow are coming back with new episodes. In fact, tonight’s episode of Supergirl is helmed by none other than fan favorite director and fanboy, Kevin Smith! Appropriately enough, the episode is called “Supergirl Lives,” after the unproduced Superman movie written by Smith.

To celebrate the return, we’ve got an exclusive two-minute segment from the newest episode of DC All Access that didn’t make the final cut of the episode. That means, this is a never-before-seen video in which Smith speaks with host Hector Navarro about what he brings to the DC TV shows before shifting over the impact that Supergirl has on fans in the real world just by serving as inspiration.

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DC All Access also debuted its newest episode today, and it features the rest of the interview with Smith as he shares how his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith came to get a small but key role in the story. Navarro also touches upon the other DC related CW dramas, particularly The Flash, which now features Wally West’s Kid Flash alongside Barry Allen’s scarlet speedster.

Smith’s episode, “Supergirl Lives,” will air tonight on The CW.

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Photo Credit: DC Comics