Exclusive Video | Matt Letscher on Playing Reverse-Flash on The CW

Although Matt Letscher plays one of the Flash’s greatest villains, he has barely appeared at all on The Flash TV series. That’s largely because Tom Cavanagh played the role while Eobard Thawne was disguised as Harrison Wells throughout the first season. But now, Letscher is one of a handful of performers to sign on to all four DC series at The CW as one of the Legion of Doom. And his first stop has been on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow!

The DC All Access team recently caught up with Letscher and spoke with him about his iconic villain. But not everything made it into the final episode, so CraveOnline is proud to premiere this previously unseen video of Letscher as he explains how the Reverse-Flash is making the transition to Legends of Tomorrow.

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This week’s episode of DC All Access is live now, with a recap of last week’s episode of Lucifer, with a few hints about tonight’s new episode. There’s also an extended with Letscher as well as the biggest shock of the week, this episode also has the first word on the return of Young Justice for a third season. You can read our report about that story here.

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW, while DC’s Legends of Tomorrow occupies Thursday nights. DC All Access episodes premiere on Mondays.

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Photo Credit: DC All Access