Coldplay are Planning “Peace Concerts” Between Israel and Palestine

Coldplay are reportedly looking to play a pair of concerts in order to help improve relations between Israel and Palestine, with the band hoping to “bring people together” by way of performing near the Dead Sea.

According to the Times of Israel, the band want to play two joint concerts on November 3 and 4 which both Israeli and Palestinian fans of the band will attend, in an effort to “promote human rights” between the two warring countries. The publication reports that 50,000 tickets will to go on sale at the event, with it having been announced on Israel’s Channel 2.

If true, this will be an unprecedented move from a music act, especially one as high-profile as Coldplay. Frontman Chris Martin sparked rumours that he would play in Israel after visiting the country last November, but no official word has yet been given regarding whether or not the band had lined up any performances in the region. While they have reportedly been offered various lucrative deals from producers looking to entice them to perform in the Middle East, it seems likely that the band has now come to an agreement, with Channel 2 claiming that tickets to the event will go on sale soon.

According to the station, the British band will meet with both Israeli and Palestinian artists two weeks before the shows in order to record a new song, which will likely be performed at the show. The venue has yet to be confirmed, though Channel 2 has stated that it will take place in an “agricultural area,” with there being suggestions that it will take place in the West Bank, a disputed area largely under Israeli control.

Coldplay previously worked with Israeli directors Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia on the music video for ‘Up&Up,’ which Chris Martin branded the “best music video ever.”

Image Credit: Marc Grimwade / Getty Images