New Music | David Bowie’s Posthumous EP Falls To Earth

Photo: Donaldson Collection (Getty Images)

It’s been said that David Bowie didn’t die, but went home. Alien Planet? Heaven? Home Depot? We can only dream, but on the day that would’ve been the music icon’s 70th birthday, the Starman returns, delighting us mere mortals with new music and a new music video.

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The now streaming No Plan EP, comes two days before the one year anniversary of Bowie’s death, and features his final three recordings: ”Killing a Little Time”, “When I Met You” and “No Plan”. All three songs first appeared in the Bowie-penned, Broadway musical Lazarus and were originally recorded during the Blackstar sessions.

Although the release of the songs was inevitable, the music video for “No Plan” came out of nowhere and is a visual treat for diehard fans to get obsessive about.

Directed by Tom Hingston, “No Plan” is packed with more easter eggs than Star Wars Rogue One, with visual nods to classic Bowie motifs and themes. Can you spot the reference to the cult classic movie, The Man Who Fell to Earth?