Exclusive | Listen To 2 Music Tracks From ‘Ransom’

Tonight, CBS is kicking off CBS with its new action and suspense series Ransom, which was co-created by The X-Files and The Man in the High Castle‘s Frank Spotnitz. Spotnitz and co-creator David Vainola were inspired by the real life stories of crisis negotiator Laurent Combalbert and his partner Marwan Mery. For the series, Luke Roberts is playing the lead character, Eric Beaumont, with Nazneen Contractor as Zara Hallam, Brandon Jay McLaren as Oliver Yates, and Sarah Greene as Maxine Carlson.

Of course, Ransom just wouldn’t be complete without the music of composer Guillaume Roussel. And ahead of tonight’s series premiere, CraveOnline is exclusively previewing two of Roussel’s tracks from the pilot episode. He also graciously offered his thoughts on the two tracks that you’re about to here.

“I didn’t want to choose typical procedural tracks,” related Roussel. “We all want this show to carry emotion rather than just pure action. The main character is always solving his problems without using any guns. So the music tries to help in that regard, bringing some humanity in a way.”

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Roussel also noted that the style of the music will evolve over the course of Ransom‘s 13-episode first season. “As the season progresses and the team is presented with numerous, difficult cases, the characters begin to build bonds. As time goes on the team definitely becomes a stronger unit. I’m still scoring the first season and the music has evolved a lot into more playful moments and complicity, with playful glances or smiles. These little things actually influence the music significantly.” Roussel added that his favorite part to score in the pilot episode was the teaser scene “because it is a montage scene where different scenes that are not connected are mixed together. I personally love this exercise, the music can bring a lot, like connecting those characters that don’t know each other.”

The series premiere of Ransom will air tonight at 8pm on the west coast, and after NFL football on the east coast. It will move to its regular Saturday night time slot on January 7, at 8pm PST/EST.

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Photo Credit: CBS