Exclusive | Two New Music Tracks From Cinemax’s ‘Quarry’

Cinemax has earned a reputation for some of the gritter shows on television, and Quarry certainly lives up to its reputation. The TV series is based on Max Allan Collins’ Quarry novels, which follow Vietnam veteran Mac Conway as he is drawn into the criminal underworld. Logan Marshall-Green portrays Conway on the show, which also maintains the 1972 setting of the first novel.

One of the ways that Quarry sets the mood for the series is the musical score by composer Kris Dirksen. And ahead of the sixth episode, Cinemax and Dirksen have passed along two exclusive tracks from this week’s episode.

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“The network and producers wanted the Quarry score to have a modern score and avoid anything too retro leaning,” said Dirksen, as he explained what went into the show’s musical identity. “Greg Yaitanes was wary of getting too “drunk on the ‘70s” and wanted to avoid playing into any ‘70s cliches. Memphis in 1972 was such a great time and place in the history of music that I didn’t want to completely avoid touching on that element.”

“The concept I came up with for the score was a happy medium between the two,” continued Dirksen. “What would it sound like if you put me in a studio in 1972, surrounded by the gear and instruments of the day and asked me to create a score that sounded modern and relevant in the year 2016? I immersed myself in the recording techniques of the early ‘70s and surrounded myself with vintage instruments. I’m generally associated with having more of a modern sound, with Quarry you’re just hearing that through the filter of old tape machines and 40-50 year old electronics.”

Quarry airs Friday nights on Cinemax.

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Photo Credit: Cinemax/HBO Entertainment