J.A. Bayona and Patrick Ness Talk ‘A Monster Calls’ on The B-Movies Podcast

The director and writer of the acclaimed new fantasy A Monster Calls are here in the studio for a special episode of The B-Movies Podcast! It’s a film that’s making audiences cry all over the world, about a young boy whose mother is dying of cancer, who finds an unlikely ally in a giant tree monster who tells him stories that are gorgeous, unusual, and not what he wants to hear. It’s based on the award-winning novel by Patrick Ness and illustrator Jim Kay, based on an original idea by the late Siobhan Dowd, and it’s directed by J.A. Bayona, the director of The Orphanage and The Impossible.

Join film critics William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold as they interview Patrick Ness and J.A. Bayona about writing A Monster Calls, coping with grief, and bringing this fantastic and fantastical story to life on the big screen. It’s an in-depth look at A Monster Calls, and it’s an episode you won’t want to miss!

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William Bibbiani (everyone calls him ‘Bibbs’) is Crave’s film content editor and critic. You can hear him every week on The B-Movies Podcast and Canceled Too Soon, and watch him on the weekly YouTube series Most CravedRapid Reviews and What the Flick. Follow his rantings on Twitter at @WilliamBibbiani.

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