The Mac ‘n’ Cheese Doughnut Goes Mainstream

Photo: @thevulgarchef on Instagram.

In anticipation of Glam Doll Donuts opening its second Minneapolis location, the bakers teased social media with a new menu item: a mac ‘n’ cheese doughnut. After posting a video of the golden, crispy ring being torn apart on Instagram and Facebook three weeks ago, word of this comfort food concoction spread like melted Velveeta. It currently has 14.2K views on Instagram and 1.1K likes on Facebook.

Macaroni and Cheese Doughnut

Photo: @glamdolldonuts on Instagram.

While Glam Doll Donuts didn’t invent the mac ‘n’ cheese doughnut (the now closed PYT in Philadelphia boasted a similarly insane item back in 2014: a glazed doughnut stuffed with bacon mac ‘n’ cheese and sprinkled with bacon crumbles), the Midwestern retro-themed bakery could be credited with the crispy-creamy orb’s current celebrity status. But as quickly as the reviews of the mac ‘n’ cheese doughnut started popping up on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds this week, so, too, did those laying claim to the irresistible invention.

Lee Henderson of Minneapolis tweeted Thursday that he’s been making mini mac ‘n’ cheese doughnuts (on a stick!) since 2012. St. Louis-based food blogger Stefani Hope Pollack says her recipe for the deep fried delights was the first she could find online when she posted it in May of 2014. But perhaps our favorite DIY recipe for this sinful snack comes from The Vulgar Chef, who created a Cheetos-infused version in January of 2015 (above). “Here’s one you can pull off with a dick in your mouth,” the post starts out. “All you need is some Mac the fuck Cheese, a doughnut mold tray or whatever the fuck ever, and some crushed Cheetos.” The foul-mouthed foodie recently revisited the recipe in a new video.

But if you’re not the type to buy a special pan and spend all afternoon perfecting a recipe just to satisfy a craving, Glam Doll Donuts’ Northeast Minneapolis location is the only bakery we know of that presently serves this deep-fried delicacy. (Feel free to correct us if we’re wrong.) Plated alongside a mac ‘n’ cheese doughnut hole with your choice of chili or chips, plus condiments like Sriracha on hand for dipping, it’s not just a gut bomb but a small meal.