Japan World Cup is the Crazy Drinking Game of Our Dreams

If you haven’t heard of Japan World Cup, then prepare yourselves for what could well be your next (and undoubtedly weirdest) drinking game.

Japan World Cup is a game series that saw the release of its last entry, Japan World Cup 3, way back in 2011. However, every now and again the West is reminded of its existence, such as today when a ridiculous GIF from taken the game made it to the front page of Reddit, accompanied by the caption “I don’t know what this game is but I want to play it.”

Japan World Cup tasks players with betting on a series of horse races, which sounds mundane enough until you witness the monstrosities that are pitted against one another. Rather than featuring your traditional, run-of-the-mill horses, Japan World Cup instead features a collection of abominations running nose-to-nose, with each of these Lovecraftian nightmares taking part in an increasingly surreal series of races.

Unfortunately the game is no longer available to play as a result of its servers being shut down, but it can still be watched in full in DVD form, with Japan World Cup 3 available for $26 via Amazon. After purchasing it’s strongly advisable that you make it the basis of a drinking game the next time you have guests, with shorts reserved for those who fail to rank in the first two places.

We can but hope that one day Japan World Cup 4 will be released, but until that day we’ll just have to suffice with its DVD offerings and this legendary video from the YouTube channel Achievement Hunter: