Exclusive Premiere | Tsutro Goes To Parts Unknown

For Jacob Montague, a trip to Cambodia opened his ears to a new sound that can be reflected in his latest project, Tsutro. The San Francisco-based artist, best known as a member of the indie-folk-rock band, Branches, is set to release a self-titled Tsutro album on Feb. 10 via Position Music that was inspired by the sights and sounds of his journey to the South East Asian country. 

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Crave is exclusively premiering the first single “Angkor” featuring Ohio indie rockers Welshly Arms. The song craftily mixes East and West melodies, incorporating downtempo electronic beats and traditional Cambodian instruments (hollow barrel drums, bowed violin, strumming guitars) that frame the laconic harmonies of Welshly Arms. 

“Angkor” has an exotic tropical Miike Snow feel that could totally play in an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown as the irascible host/chef powers down a plate of Khmer Beef Salad before roaming the streets of Phnom Penh.

Here’s what Montague aka Tsutro had to say about “Angkor”: “Being in Cambodia, Siem Reap in particular, definitely left an impact on my musical subconscious. Walking from one street to the next, I would first hear (Justin) Bieber blaring in a club and then walk by a traditional Cambodian band playing on the corner.  That seemed to stick in my head, the contrast of big modern pop production with a more living and breathing musical idea.

“For me it’s always about combinations. The way in which those rhythms and melodies of the street bands sat against the colors of the market. Or the process of combining musical samples from a Cleveland blues rock band, with traditional Cambodian sounds and a minimalistic electronic production. This project has all stemmed from mixing and matching, sampling and reworking, trying not to think in terms of genre.”

For more on Tsutro and Montague go (HERE).