Exclusive Premiere | Living Legacy’s New Song Will Stay With You

Living Legacy’s “Stay” is one of those songs that come out of nowhere, but find a place in your playlist. The quixotic DJ/producer’s name adds another layer to the mystery man element that a vague press release can’t solve.

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There’s something in it about him getting his start in a rock band before damaging his vocal chords, studying piano and being accepted into the Academy of Music Composition. 

What is known is that Crave is exclusively premiering “Stay” (on Lowly Palace) which features English soul chanteuse Sarah de Warren in a co-starring role. 

Judging from Living Legacy’s other songs (see below), including his biggest hit, the trap-leaning “Down To The Dirt featuring Dubskie, “Stay” shifts gears to a cosmic downtempto groove that allows de Warren to float around in a vast electronic-trap-glitch sound cloud like Sandra Bullock in Gravity.

For more info on Living Legacy check out his Soundcloud (HERE).


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