Exclusive Premiere | Fadl is Dubai’s New Trap Rap Star

The Middle East is not exactly a hip hop hot bed as the Saudi government has recently made it illegal to “dab”.

Fadl is hoping to change that perception in the Middle East and abroad with a trap style that’s both contemporary and global.

Also: Dabbing is a Crime in Saudi Arabia

Crave is exclusively premiering the Dubai rapper’s new music video, “Roli”. The dab-worthy single has a Travis ScottFuture vibe, while the the music video takes a different approach from the floss and gloss you’d expect from a United Arab Emirates hop hop star (hot cars, hot girls, cool beards) with a “docu-drama” style behind-the-scenes “making of” video… or is it?

The peek behind the hip-hop curtain is all part of a bigger story as “Roli” is the third part in a trilogy of Fadl’s music videos (see parts 1 My Houseand 2 “Better Than You

Here’s what Fadl had to say about the making of “Roli”, “The video was one the few we actually failed to plan. We were up the night before, the whole team with the director coming up with ideas. It all worked out as an improvised video. And the bigger story is watching all three videos consecutively in their order to be able to understand it. Guess which city the whole series of the three videos are shot in? The hint is at the end.”

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