Womanizer Review | Pop Goes Your Partner

Merriam-Webster defines a “womanizer” as a man who pursues “casual sexual relationships with multiple women.” But this Womanizer’s relationship with women is as serious of a relationship as it gets.

So serious, that after trying the Womanizer, traditional vibrators simply won’t cut it and are bound to be left in the nightstand drawer forever more.

Epi24 has created the first clitoral stimulator that, through a unique suction technology called PleasureAir, can help women achieve orgasm 100% of the time. It’s a bold statement, but read the Amazon reviews and see for yourself the countless women who claim to have never achieved orgasm raving about the Womanizer.

The data says that out of 100 women, 50% achieved orgasm in 60 seconds or less, while 80% reached climax within 2-3 minutes. 75% of women who used it also experience multiple orgasms. But how does it stand up to real world testing? About the same. They’ll pop faster than a bag of popcorn.


My partner is no stranger to orgasm, and can reach it fairly easily (either that, or I’m just THAT good). But with the Womanizer, she can reach climax in literally seconds, depending on the settings. She noted that the sensation can feel a little strange at first, depending on the intensity of the setting – which can be adjusted.

Rather than vibrating, an interchangeable tip gently sucks the clitoris causing stimulation that doesn’t cause desensitization the same way vibrations will. There’s nothing else on the market like it, nor is there anything else that achieves results so quickly – even for women who have never once in their life had an orgasm. Simply put, this thing can be potentially life changing for those women that struggle to climax.

The only real drawback to the Womanizer, is that it’s not ideal for use during penetration. The closeness of another body tends to push the tip too hard into the clitoris, causing a stabbing pain. But it’s perfect for her to use on her own. And not to worry – you won’t be watching long, anyway, as it literally takes under a minute or two for her to be finished. This, and the fact that is has a unique design unlike traditional sex toys, makes it great for stealth or travel, or anytime she has only a few minutes to spare to get off.

The Womanizer ranges from $134 to $219 on Amazon depending on the model, and the company even offers limited edition 18ct Gold-plated or Swarovski crystal encrusted editions of the device. Despite the higher than average cost for a sex toy, be confident in the investment – it will more than likely be the last sex toy you ever purchase for her.

If only they made a male equivalent… better yet, maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t, as I’d never get anything done ever again.

Learn more at womanizer.com.