The 2016 Movie Gift Guide | 10 Terrifying Presents for Horror Lovers

There are two kinds of true-blue film lovers in the world: the ones who love movies, and the ones who love horror movies. The first kind likes a little bit of everything, but there’s a good chance you know somebody who likes the horror genre more than they like most of their blood relatives, the ones who are scarily obsessed with the genre.

And that’s why we don’t just have a general movie gift guide this year at Crave. We’re also offering a specific list of amazing presents just for the horror fan in your life. These are the folks who probably have everything already but need to keep updating their library with the newest and best editions, and the ones who will always welcome a frightening surprise in their stockings.

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So if you need some great ideas for presents, aimed directly at horror movie fans, these suggestions are for you. This is Crave’s horror movie gift guide for 2016, and it’s shockingly good.

2016 Movie Gift Guide | Ten Terrifying Presents for Horror Lovers

Note: All items subject to availability, all prices subject to change.

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