The 2016 Movie Gift Guide | 10 Exciting Presents for Film Lovers

Buying presents for people who merely “like” movies is actually pretty easy. Get them a good movie, one you think they’ll like, or get them a little piece of merchandise that ties into a film you already know they love. There you go. That’s your movie gift guide for casual filmgoers. It’s hardly worth writing about, really.

But buying gifts for people who LOVE movies is a lot harder, and if you know some of those folks, you know exactly what I mean. These are the people – like myself – who have massive libraries of motion pictures in a variety of versions and formats. These giant walls of DVDs and Blu-rays are bound to be daunting for anybody with a shopping list, because it’s hard to determine what the gift recipient already has.

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And while the following movie gift guide, updated for 2016, is bound to have some cool stuff that your movie lover doesn’t already have yet, there are no guarantees. Get a gift receipt for these people, because for all you know they couldn’t resist the urge to indulge in a last minute Christmas sale, because they automatically assumed that nobody would know them well enough to buy that weird new edit of Raising Cain or that funky autobiography of Mara Wilson. What are the odds, right?

Well, those odds are about to improve. Here are the top ten coolest presents for film lovers this year, the kind of things they’ll genuinely thank you for. It’s a movie gift guide for folks on every kind of budget, so what are you waiting for? Find out what you’re buying this year, and happy holidays!

2016 Movie Gift Guide | Ten Exciting Presents for Film Lovers

Note: All items subject to availability, all prices subject to change.

Top Photo: Criterion

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