Exclusive Preview | ‘Berlin Station’ Episode 7

For weeks, the various storylines of Berlin Station have established the competing agendas of nearly everyone who works there, and now those agendas may claim the life of one of their own!

While Steven Frost (Richard Jenkins) angled himself for a promotion within the CIA, it’s Hector DeJean (Rhys Ifans) who holds the fate of the agency’s Berlin Station in his hands. He is “Thomas Shaw,” the infamous whistleblower behind several recent leaks which have damaged the agency. At the same time, Hector has used his sexual relationships with men and women to further his own goals. Even Hector’s “love” for Clare Itani (Zahra Ahmadi) served his agenda, but he may also have real feelings for her as well. Now, Hector has played a major role in endangering Clare, and her life hangs in the balance.

Clare was at the center of a joint American and German sting to bring down Aleksandre and Ruth Iosava’s ISIS-bride smuggling group. Towards that end, Clare went undercover as a potential bride, but Hector inserted himself into the operation and he even tried to leak the details to prevent it from happening. In response, the CIA kidnapped Aleksandre and Ruth retaliated by kidnapping Clare.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview from the next episode of Berlin Station, Hector and Frost are at each others’ throats over the recent turn of events, as Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) attempts to defuse the situation.

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Here’s the description of this week’s episode from Epix:

“In the wake of the botched Iosava op and Clare Itani’s kidnapping, Frost pursues traditional negotiation channels to secure Clare’s release. Hector goes rogue, bringing Daniel with him – unknowingly paving the way for Daniel’s moment of clarity.”

The seventh episode of Berlin Station will debut this Sunday, November 27 at 9pm, only on Epix!

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Photo Credit: Anonymous Content/Paramount Television/EPIX