Exclusive Preview | ‘Rogue’ Season 4 Episode 7

You can’t trust anyone on the final season of Rogue, not even Ethan Kelly!

Ethan may have moved back home to San Francisco to reinvent himself and start over, but he’s still the same treacherous guy who is willing to betray almost anyone if it suits him. A few weeks ago, Ethan approached Detective Clea Annou about their shared interest in taking down a dirty cop named Casey Oaks. Yet at the first chance he had, Ethan burned Clea and A.D.A. Regan Faulkner. But just because Oaks is dead doesn’t mean that Ethan is out of the woods. There’s a larger conspiracy in play, and it could still destroy Ethan and the people around him.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview from tonight’s episode of Rogue, Ethan attempts to convince Clea to work with him once more, but she’s not exactly eager to form another alliance after her previous experience with him. And who can blame her?!

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Audience Network has also released the following description for this week’s episode of Rogue:

“Ethan helps Clea with her case before double-crossing her. Patrick catches up with Sadie. Clea figures out the identity of the mystery man killed at the warehouse. Ethan, Mia and Marty join forces for one final deal.”

The next episode of Rogue season 4 will be broadcast Wednesday, May 3 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Audience Network.

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Photo Credit: Audience Network