ABC and IMAX Reveal More Details About Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’

Earlier this month, ABC and IMAX announced the surprising deal to bring Marvel’s Inhumans to television and IMAX screens next fall, seemingly ending the long struggle to bring Marvel’s surrogate X-Men to life as a movie. And while it was previously known the the Inhumans pilot and the second episode will be filmed with IMAX cameras, that won’t be the end of IMAX’s involvement with the series.

In a new story from The Hollywood Reporter, it’s mentioned that action scenes from the subsequent episodes will also be filmed with IMAX cameras. And the report notes that “some of [the IMAX action scenes] will be set on the moon.” That implies that Attilan, the capital city of the Inhumans, will be located on the moon as it was in early issues of the Fantastic Four.

“We think this is a quadruple win — a win for Imax, a win for Marvel, a win for ABC Studios and a win for ABC to launch a show in an innovative way and get attention,” said ABC’s Ben Sherwood while speaking to THR.

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Some of these plans seem to be overly optimistic, including the part of the report that claims that the TV deal doesn’t mean the Inhumans movie won’t happen. Actually, the reverse is probably true. Marvel Studios wouldn’t have released the rights to its television division unless it had no plans for these characters. The report also claims that the Inhumans TV series isn’t a spinoff of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and won’t be tied to that show’s Inhumans...and yet the network hopes that Inhumans will lead new fans to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? That seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?

Casting for the Inhumans TV series hasn’t begun yet, but it will probably get started soon. The first two episodes will be released in IMAX theaters in August 2017, a few weeks before the show debuts on ABC for its eight episode first season.

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Photo Credit: Marvel Comics