This Couple’s Video Observing Lions Takes An Unexpected Turn

Some endings to videos you can totally see coming from a mile away. For example, if a cat sticks its face in another cat’s ass, you just know that a fart is inevitable. The same goes for just about any time drunk dudes challenge a bouncer to throw down. Or when a news anchor attempts to draw anything remotely penis-shaped on live television. With all that in mind, one would assume that the following video of a dude and his wife observing a couple of lions would end in some very inappropriate lion coitus. Well, that’s where the unexpected turn comes into play.

This Couple’s Video Observing Lions Takes An Unexpected Turn:

I don’t know how much milk you are supposed to feed a baby before taking him on safari or wherever this family is, but obviously a full bottle’s worth is too much.

h/t Deadspin

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