Video: Drunk Driver Runs Over Himself With His Own Truck After Leaving A Strip Club

The lesson here is to never drive drunk. And if you don’t remember that lesson your car will remind you in a very painful way.

There are tons of selfish idiots out there who choose to drive drunk. Just like the idiot who drove drunk in New Mexico and crashed into a helicopter. That’s right, a helicopter. Then there was the girl who drove drunk, tried to take a naked selfie while driving and crashed into a police car. And now we have this dude who actually ran over himself.

Check out 28-year-old William Edwards make the biggest mistake of his life:

Apparently Edwards had drank a hell of a lot at a Florida strip club, before exiting. As you can tell in the video, security tried to prevent him from driving off drunk but it was to no avail, as Edwards’ own car stopped him. Unfortunately, Edwards’ car continued to roll away and crashed into a nearby house, injuring a woman and sending her to the hospital.

Edwards got away, but this tool left his driver’s license at the strip club, so of course he was found and arrested. And now he will always be known as that a-hole who ran himself over.

h/t Bro Bible

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