Planet Coaster Guide: How to Build Great Rollercoasters and Create the Most Popular Park

Planet Coaster has arrived and it’s everything we wanted Rollercoaster Tycoon to be and more. Offering an unprecedented level of creative freedom in its genre, developers Frontier Developments have done a great job of providing a canvas for would-be theme park creators to have their way with, and the Steam Workshop is already filled with examples of people using the studio’s tools to develop some amazing rides and attractions.

Along with the game’s sandbox mode there’s also a challenge mode, which allows players to deal with the managerial aspects of running a park, building it from the ground up and working hard to attract new paying customers. However, in order to make your park as popular as it can be you’re going to need to put in a considerable amount of work, so we’ve created this guide in order to help you make your park reach its full potential. In the following slideshow, you’ll find helpful advice on everything from building rollercoasters, through to placing down priority pass lines and increasing foot traffic.

Take a look at our Planet Coaster guide below: