News Anchor Tries To Draw A Cannon That Looks More Like A Penis On Live Television

It looked as though she was trying to draw one of those big, black cannons.

So it seems this news anchor may want to try the same hobbies Kate Beckinsale is so into or she may want to try that new penis coloring book everyone is talking about because I think she has soemthing else on the brain.

Kaci Aitchison seems like a great person to wake up to on a daily basis, and we’re sure that’s why the folks at Q13 Fox News in Seattle hired her to host “This Morning” every weekday. Well, based on what happened Wednesday morning, it’s safe to say they didn’t hire her for her art skills.

After Fox Director of Digital Strategy Travis Mayfield drew several objects during a game of Google’s “Quick, Draw!” to demonstrate the computer’s ability to detect what you’re drawing, he handed honor over to Aitchison, who was then prompted to draw a cannon with her finger.

Let’s see how that turned out:

“There’s no erasing is the thing,” Mayfield told the rest of the crew and audience at home, and that’s true on so many levels. I mean, not only can you not erase the penis cannon on the touch screen, but you also can’t erase that screen grab of Aitchison’s head and hand in positions that make it look like she’s really having a great time that, um, cannon.

h/t Smile Sumo

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