Exclusive Preview | ‘People of Earth’ Episode 5

In TBS’ new comedy series, People of Earth, Wyatt Cenac is on the lookout for aliens…but they’re already looking at him!

Cenac plays Ozzie Graham, a reporter who has slowly come to realize that he was abducted by aliens while covering Star-Crossed, a support group for alien abductees. Along the way, Ozzie has formed friendships and connections with its varied and sometimes unpredictable members. As far as the aliens are concerned, that’s bad news! Ozzie’s ex-boss Jonathan Walsh (Michael Cassidy) is secretly an alien himself, and he attempted to discredit the group and Ozzie by releasing his unfinished story. Even after Ozzie won back the trust of the group, Jonathan showed up in an attempt to run Ozzie out of town for good.

Jonathan has had his own problems with Jeff the Grey (Ken Hall), who has made no secret of his dislike for Jonathan or his attempts to sabotage his mission. But in CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for the next episode of People of Earth, the shoe is on the other foot! Jeff the Grey needs a pretty big favor, and he can only turn to Jonathan for help…but Jonathan isn’t exactly eager to aid his nemesis, and he wants something in return.

Be aware that there is some NSFW lanuage in this clip. You’ve been warned!

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People of Earth episode 5 will air this Monday, November 21 on TBS.

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Photo Credit: TBS