Video: Scuba Diver Almost Swallowed By 35,000 Pound Humpback Whale

Photo: YouTube

There has been some pretty crazy whale footage captured recently. Do you folks remember that diver who captured what might just be the best whale footage? Or how about that poor due who was swimming with whales when he photographed them taking a massive dump? Yep, hard to forget that one.

But now check this video out of a diver who was almost swallowed by a 35,000 pound beast.

Patrick Dykstra, owner of Picture Adventure Expeditions, was behind the camera in the Norwegian Sea, as he led other photographers on an underwater expedition when he captured the footage. “There were a lot of killer whales feeding on herring at the time,” Dykstra tells ABC News. “They were using their tails to round up a nice big ball of herring.”

Now check out the video below:

“It’s hard to tell from the video, but the whale swerved last minute to avoid hitting me,” Dykstra adds. “It’s fascinating how something so big and moving so fast could avoid me last minute. They’re incredibly intelligent creatures that know exactly where they are.”

Fascinating? Dude, you almost became whale food. Wake up!

“It was the greatest moment of my life. It was so exciting to be so close to something so big.”

Something tells me he wouldn’t have had the same reaction if he was currently inside that whale’s stomach.

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