Exclusive | ‘The Art of More’ Season 2 Music by Mario Sevigny

This week, The Art of More is back for a second season on Crackle, and it’s bringing the suspense!

The Art of More tackles a subject rarely explored in Hollywood: the cutthroat and sometimes criminal rivalry between two New York auction houses. It’s also got a dynamite cast that includes Christian Cooke, Kate Bosworth, Cary Elwes, and Dennis Quaid. This is the era of Peak TV, so it’s all too easy for a good series to fly under the radar. But you don’t have any excuses for this series: the first two seasons are on Crackle, and you can watch it for free!

To mark the occasion of the show’s new season, CraveOnline is exclusively debuting two new music tracks by composer Mario Sevigny. These tracks will be in the sixth and seventh episodes of the second season, but you can listen to them now and get a chance to experience the way that Sevigny uses his musical talent to enhance each scene.

The first track is the ‘Paul Rice Theme’ from episode 6, which will revolve around Matt Frewer’s character. The second track is called ‘Roxanna’s Moment of Revelation;’ which focuses on Bosworth’s character in episode 7. But you’re gonna have to watch the episode to discover what the “revelation’ will be.

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You can watch every episode of The Art of More on Crackle, just follow this link!

What did you think about Sevigny’s exclusive music tracks from this show? Let us know in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Crackle/Sony Picture Studios