‘Peep Show’ Stars Mitchell and Webb Will Reunite in New Comedy Sitcom

David Mitchell and Robert Webb, stars of Peep Show and That Mitchell and Webb Look, will reunite for a brand new Channel 4 sitcom penned by Simon Blackwell, a writer whose previous work includes The Thick of It, Four Lions and Peep Show.

Back, a new six-part comedy sitcom that will air on Channel 4, sees David Mitchell playing the role of Stephen, a man who inherits the family pub after the death of his father. With Stephen having been a particularly underwhelming son, he believes that taking control of the pub will give him his moment in the spotlight, only to have it taken away when Andrew (Robert Webb) returns.

Andrew was fostered by Stephen’s father as a teenager, and returns a charismatic man who accepted with open arms by Stephen’s mother and sister, much to Stephen’s chagrin. Contrarily, Stephen believes that Andrew is a “glib, dangerous sociopath who’s about to steal his family, his business and his life.”


Channel 4 hopes that ‘Back’ will share a similar level of success to ‘Peep Show’.

Speaking about the new show, Mitchell said: “It’s great to be making a new show for Channel 4, a broadcaster which has always been huge supporter of new comedy, and with a writer of Simon Blackwell’s talent. And, in Simon Blackwell, we’ve found a writer of precisely Simon Blackwell’s talent. His writing is deep, dark, warm and funny – like a hot tub brimming with laughing gravy.”

A statement released by Channel 4 at its Upfronts 2017 event describing the show reads: “It’s now Stephen’s chance to shine. His only achievements so far have been marriage (followed by divorce) and a slightly disappointing pub refurb. But when the charming Andrew (Webb) turns up out of the blue at his dad’s funeral, Stephen’s plans go awry.”

Back has yet to be given a release date.