Exclusive Premiere | SAVOY Put The Rock In ERM

SAVOY prove that electronic music doesn’t have to be cold and soulless. The Brooklyn by way of Boulder trio of DJs Ben Eberdt, Gray Smith and drummer Mike Kelly add a human touch to the heartbeat of their BPM’s by making dance music that literally rocks.

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Crave is exclusively premiering SAVOY’s latest single, “Neon Nebraska”, off their upcoming EP Tomorrow Today pt. 1.

“Neon Nebraska” bridges the gap between the instrumental and computerized much in the same way Tame Impala’s Currents did, by adding fuzzed out guitars, shimmering synthesizers and breathy vocals for a psych-disco-pop track that can best be described as ERM or electronic rock music. 

SAVOY gave us some backstory behind the song, “Neon and Nebraska are both pretty contrasting ideas but they work together. Touching on the themes of future and past, tomorrow and today, the song started resembling the soundtrack of an ultra modern, Clint Eastwood, western. Over time the song matured into an epic, rocker but for us it will always be the soundtrack to that movie in my head about some neon lit, gas station somewhere outside of Omaha.”

You can pre-order the EP via iTunes this Wednesday. For more sounds and sights on SAVOY go here.

BTW, they just announced a hometown show in Denver, CO at the legendary Ogden Theatre go here for more information. Tickets on sale this Friday the 18th.