Watch This Guy In Ukraine’s Parliament Punch A Fellow Lawmaker Not Once But Twice

If you think shit has hit the fan in this country, wait until you see how they’re dealing with adversity in Ukraine.

We know you folks like fight videos for some reason. And that’s the reason we shared the video of this epic cheap shot, as well as this clown prank that went completely wrong and ended up in the clown getting slugged. And now? Well, punches are being thrown in politics.

According to ABC News, Oleg Lyashko accused Yuriy Boyko of being a Kremlin agent during a recent presentation in front of the rest of the Ukranian parliament.

We’ll go out on a limb and say that Boyko didn’t care too much for those remarks:

You have to love the determination of Boyko after “order was restored.” I mean, those first punches were only for what Lyashko had said up to that point, so if he was still going to talk mad shit after things had settled down, then he was going to get another knuckle sandwich for those words as well.

Sadly, it was Boyko who was asked to leave the chamber while Lyashko was allowed to go forward with his unwarranted attack on Boyko’s character. Or maybe it was warranted. Who knows? I mean, you show me somebody reading stories on Mandatory who’s up to speed on the Ukranian political scene, and I’ll show you a liar.

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