Exclusive Preview | ‘Berlin Station’ Episode 5

Everyone has secrets in the Epix original series, Berlin Station. Even Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) has a few skeletons in his closet. In last weekend’s episode, it was revealed that Daniel inadvertently caused the death of an innocent woman while attempting to stop a suicide bomber. His friend, Hector DeJean (Rhys Ifans) helped cover up Daniel’s mistake, and he’s been holding it over his head ever since.

In the present, Daniel has been on a very personal mission to find the whistleblower known as Thomas Shaw, but he’s still unaware that Hector is his real enemy. In the meantime, Hector has sabotaged Daniel’s mission at every turn, bugged his phone, and even ingratiated himself with Daniel’s family in Germany. Daniel managed to salvage a risky operation in last week’s episode, which led to a very memorable punch once he caught up with Hector.

Unfortunately for Daniel, Hector is aware that Stephen Frost has given him the unredacted file on Julian (Sabin Tambrea), the man who is the direct link to Hector and the Thomas Shaw leaks. In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview from the next episode of Berlin Station, Daniel finds himself getting much closer to Esther Krug (Mina Tander), a German intelligence operative who may be more similar to Daniel than he initially believed. She may also play a critical role in the upcoming episodes.

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Here’s the description of this week’s episode from Epix:

“With the knowledge that the next Shaw leak will deal with a Chinese defector, American and German interests align: Daniel is teamed with BfV officer Esther Krug to secret the defector out of the country before the leak breaks. Still stinging from Frost’s betrayal, Robert finds solace, and more, with Mossad. Hector gets a late-night visit from Shirley Pimple.”

The fifth episode of Berlin Station will debut this Sunday, November 13 at 9pm, only on Epix!

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Photo Credit: Anonymous Content/Paramount Television/EPIX