This Is Why You Shouldn’t Block A Car’s Exhaust

Photo: Sean Gallup (Getty)

We here at Mandatory enjoy teaching you folks some things. And sure, they are things you didn’t need to know, or cared to know, or perhaps it is common knowledge that only a person who’s an actual idiot wouldn’t know, but we still aim to make you more knowledgable. Like, did you know that if you sing your heart out while driving and don’t pay attention to the road you can get into an accident? Crazy, huh?

And hey, did you know if you’re drunk and you drive, plus you try to take a nude selfie you can collide into a cop car? I know, amazing. But did you know if you try to cover a car’s exhaust pipe like this Russian dude attempted to do this will happen?

See? We just taught you something you probably already knew, but as usual we don’t care because we need an excuse to show videos of people who clearly don’t think before they do anything. But their ignorance is our entertainment, so a big shoutout to those awesome people.

h/t Pleated-Jeans

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