Final Fantasy XV Will Run at 60 fps on PS4 Pro

Final Fantasy XV will boast a higher frame rate when running on a PS4 Pro compared to the standard PS4.

Developer Square Enix has revealed that it is making enhancements to the PS4 Pro version of the upcoming game, with it potentially running at 60 fps when played in 1080p. Its development team currently has it running at between 40 – 50 fps, though it is planned to hit the 60 fps mark before the end of the year.

Speaking during the Active Report posted on the company’s Japanese YouTube account today, director Hajime Tabata outlined the improvements they have made for PS4 Pro owners, revealing how alongside the frame rate boost in 1080p the game will also output in upscaled 4K at 30 fps. The jump to 60 fps in 1080p will likely make its way into the game by way of a patch in December. Two DLC packs were also announced for the game, with the “Booster Pack” and “Holiday Pack” both being made available free of charge. The latter will boast Christmas-themed content, allowing you to decorate a particular city in a holiday theme. It will also be made available in December.

Final Fantasy XV was the recipient of a delay this year, with it originally scheduled for release on September 30. Square Enix stated that it had taken the measures to postpone its launch in order to “achieve a level of perfection that our fans deserve,” with these PS4 Pro enhancements likely coming as a result of that.

With the PS4 Pro having launched today, Final Fantasy XV will be one of the first newly released games to focus upon accommodating Sony’s new and improved hardware. Hopefully plenty more games will follow suit in the future.