This 17-Foot, 2,000 Pound Monster Crocodile Was Just Found Trapped In A Canal

Well then, looks like we’re staying away from the canal this time around.

If you thought the gigantic alligator that was filmed strolling across a Florida golf course was a beast, you haven’t seen anything yet, because if the couple that was attacked in a hotel pool by a crocodile have come face to face with this…well, let’s just say they wouldn’t have lived to tell their tale.

In Sri Lanka, due to heavy rains and flooding, wildlife officials there actually came across what is being called the largest crocodile ever recorded in the history of Sri Lanka. I’m talking like Lake Placid movie big. Not only was this beast measured at 17-feet long, but it came in at an insane 2,000 pounds.

Just take a look at this thing:

Wildlife officials found the huge monster (which is said to weigh a ton) in a canal leading to the Nilwala river. After the high water levels had gone down, it seems like the crocodile couldn’t escape the canal and became trapped, which is where the wildlife officials came in to rescue it.

And, as you can tell by the video, the good news here is that this giant beast is back in the waters and is unharmed. It will now live long enough to be turned into someone’s shoes someday, probably.

Good luck, giant buddy.

Via Daily Mirror

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