‘Young Justice’ Season 3 Is Officially Happening!

Usually, fan campaigns to resurrect canceled shows don’t work. But Young Justice was special. It not only received great ratings for its two seasons on Cartoon Network, it was also beloved by fans and critics alike for its simultaneously modern and classic take on DC’s sidekick heroes and their adult counterparts in the Justice League. It’s rumored that it was the lack of toy sales that killed Young Justice the first time. But now, it’s coming back for a third season!

Warner Bros. Animation has officially announced that Young Justice season 3 has started production, although no network is currently announced. Throughout most of this year, fans have binged Young Justice season 2 since its release on Netflix, and that potentially means that the new season could show up on the streaming service.

“The affection that fans have had for Young Justice, and their rallying cry for more episodes, has always resonated with us,” said Warner Bros. Animation president Sam Register in a statement. “We are excited to bring the show back for this loyal fanbase and to provide an opportunity for new viewers to discover this excellent series.”

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Both Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti are slated to executive produce the new season of the series, after spearheading the first two seasons from 2010 to 2013. As you may recall, the final episode of season 2’s storyline hinted that the next major villains for the series may Darkseid and his evil Gods from Apokolips. We’d also love to see Supergirl and Static join the team that includes Robin, Nightwing, Aqualad, Superboy, Miss Martian, Batgirl, Blue Bettle, and several other heroes.

Because production is only getting underway now, it may be up to a year or longer before new Young Justice episodes debut. But consider youselves fortunate, YJ fans. This kind of comeback rarely happens. But we’ve never been more pleased to share the news of a series revival.

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Photo Credit: DC Comics