Drunk As Hell Woman Interrupts Live TV Report To Inform Reporter That Someone Has Lost $3

Isn’t live TV great?

The last time we checked with those live TV segments some guy who claimed to be a martial arts “expert” was being exposed as a fraud. And before that we were laughing our ass off at some poor news anchor who screamed bloody murder when a snake got in his face. Well, the segment below doesn’t involve frauds or snakes, but it does involve something classic: A drunk person.

Australia’s Channel 9 was live at the Melbourne Cup, a super prestigious horse racing event that none of you care about, when one woman who had clearly had a tad too much to drink interrupted the report simply to let the poor reporter know something important: Someone had lost $3.

Take a look at the awkward video below:

I really appreciate how that first woman tried to reel her drunk friend in, but she stopped trying after a pathetic attempt. It is almost as she wanted her friend to make a fool of herself. Well, we are kind of glad she did.

Well, shoutout to the two semi-drunk (probably) guys who showed up to finally drag out this mess of a woman. No worries at all if you want to drink, but at least have the decency not to interrupt an important live TV segment!

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