Ten Psychedelic Films to Watch After ‘Doctor Strange’

So you just got home from watching Doctor Strange, a film that – whatever its flaws – aimed to expand the horizons of superhero movie visual effects and undeniably succeeded. Doctor Strange travels to wild new dimensions, hops out of his body, fights with his own clothing and warps time itself over the course of his new movie, to the delight and blown minds of audiences everywhere.

The question you have to ask yourself now is, what next? Not many movies try to evoke the sort of psychedelic insanity that Doctor Strange throws on screen, and many of the movies that do are the sort of esoteric art house oddities that don’t exactly make for a great double feature with a Marvel superhero flick.

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Don’t worry, Crave has you covered. We’ve got ten of the most psychedelic movies ever made, entertaining blockbusters, kooky historical oddities, and timeless classics with some of the most exciting imagery ever put on film. You’re welcome, internet. Enjoy.

Ten Psychedelic Films to Watch After ‘Doctor Strange’

Top Photo: Warner Bros.

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