Video: Dude Is Set Ablaze When His E-Cigarette Explodes In His Pocket

When will people learn that not only does vaping make you look like a tool, but it can make you into the Human Torch?

So this woman that had her e-cigarette explode in her purse, and this guy who got a hole in his leg after his e-cigarette exploded in his pocket aren’t the only ones being impacted by e-cigs, as yet another person was set ablaze. And it was also caught on film.

Amine Britel, a club owner in France, was just hanging outside his club with friends when suddenly this happened:

“And after the shock of the explosion, I realised that I had caught fire,” Britel told Daily Mail. “I did not really understand what was happening to me. The pain only came afterwards. I have second-degree burns on my stomach and my jacket melted around my finger where I tried to put the fire out. “Fortunately I was wearing a cotton T-shirt underneath and not a synthetic one. Also fortunately, the battery was not in my jeans.’”

The dude’s jacket melted around his damn finger.

Britel does plan on suing the Chinese brand who made the battery, but Britel also accepts the fact he probably won’t get any money from them.

And now all he’s left with are scars. Oh, and a viral video. That’s something, right?

h/t COED

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