Exclusive Preview | ‘Rectify’ Season 4 Episode 2

The final season of SundanceTV’s Rectify has arrived, and perhaps we’ll soon learn whether Daniel Holden killed his girlfriend, Hanna. Or perhaps not. Rectify isn’t really about solving that mystery. Instead, the focus has been on Daniel’s attempts to rebuild his life after two decades behind bars, while his family deals with all of the complications that came after that. There are no easy answers on this show, and Daniel was even forced to move away from his hometown to live with a group of other released prisoners.

This week’s episode of Rectify will catch up with Daniel’s family, as they face life without him once again. It may be particularly hard for Daniel’s youger sister, Amantha, as she devoted her life to freeing him from prison. While we can’t say for certain where Amantha is going, we do know that she’s going to run into some car trouble on tonight’s episode. Our exclusive preview scene features Amantha’s reunion with an old classmate named Billy, as played by Nathan Darrow. And while Billy may turn out to be a nice guy, Amantha certainly seems wary of him in this clip.

Here’s the official description for the next episode from SundanceTV:

“On the second episode, “Yolk,” back in Paulie, the Holden/Talbot family adjusts to daily life without Daniel’s catalyzing influence. Janet stews and frets over Daniel’s life away from home until a chance encounter inspires her to take action. Teddy and Tawney attempt to reconnect. Amantha is confronted by a presence from her past. Jared explores the great outdoors. Teddy, feeling antsy under his parents’ roof, makes Amantha an unusual offer. Unable to shake his sense of responsibility for Daniel’s case, Jon Stern continues to lobby Justice Row.”

The second episode of Rectify season 4 airs tonight, November 2 at 10:00pm EST/PST on SundanceTV.

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Photo Credit: SundanceTV