Overwatch Sombra Official Artwork Leaked

The official artwork for the unreleased Overwatch character Sombra has reportedly been leaked, with an image of the new hero being discovered on Blizzard’s server.

The artwork depicts Sombra, who is widely predicted to be the next Overwatch hero released by Blizzard, standing in the familiar Volskaya Industries map on what appears to be the hand of giant mech, showing off her beam-like weapons. Considering that Volskaya has a history of Omnic production, fans have speculated that Sombra’s story may involve her hacking the entire production line, given her role as one of the Overwatch world’s best and most notorious hackers.


The image all but confirms the previous Sombra leak, which you can view below, albeit without the SMG. It seems that the beams of purple light are being emitted from her finger tips, so perhaps she has an ability similar to Mercy’s staff, wherein she can either latch on to nearby enemies or teammates?


Blizzard still hasn’t confirmed when Sombra will officially make her way into Overwatch, though considering the sluggish release of new content for the FPS we hope the answer’s sooner rather than later.