This Cat’s Impressive Vertical Leap Would Make Michael Jordan Jealous

It’s to a point now where most of us see an amazing animal video every day of our lives. This is the case even if you aren’t looking for them. So in order for something to stand out, it has to be quite spectacular. Say, for instance, a cat with a vertical leap of somewhere between five to seven feet by the looks of it. That’s pretty impressive, right?

The cat in the following video is nothing short of amazing, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t even particularly care for cats and their uppity demeanor. Her name is Mystery, and her unique ability certainly lives up to the name in all the right ways.

Mystery The Cat’s Vertical Leap Is Sure To Impress

Yep, we’d say “Nice” just about covers it. Somebody sign this cat up for an Air Bud-esque franchise of films immediately. Or hell, is it too late to make her LeBron James animal sidekick in Space Jam 2? We’d be down for either.

via Deep Wayne of the Beach

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