Ranking Your Favorite ‘Family Guy’ Characters From Funny to Piss-Your-Pants Hilarious

Photo: Fox

It’s been nearly two decades, and we’re still reliant to Family Guy for a good laugh (and some controversy) most Sundays during the year. Fresh into its 15th season, the cast of Family Guy have all had their moments, some downright funny all the way to pissing-our-pants hilarious. So what better way to pay homage than to discriminate each one and rank 20 of our favorite Family Guy characters in just such a manner.

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Mind you, these are the hardcore common cast members, as we haven’t all the time in the world to get started with our so-loved side character appearances by the likes of Greased-Up Deaf Guy, Evil Monkey and the Kool-Aid Man. So here they are, from amusing to most likely to make us lose bladder control, the cast of Family Guy.

So let’s start from amusing and then number one will be the character that is by far the most hilarious!

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