Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero From ‘The Room’ Have Made A New Movie Called ‘Best F(r)iends’

When you’re responsible for one of the worst best films of all time which developed a massive cult following, it’s somewhat understandable that it would take you 15 years to come up with the follow-up.

Well, it’s finally happened with The Room actors Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero teaming up for a new movie titled Best F(r)iends which already sounds brilliant.

As The Hollywood Reporter report, the wonderfully awkward actors have debuted the trailer for the movie which tracks the friendship of a man who meets a lonely mortician.

The best part is, it was actually inspired by Wiseau and Sestero’s friendship, thought up by Sestero when the pair were on a road trip 2003.

Sestero reckons the role of the mortician will suit Wiseau’s “unique talent and charisma”.

“After watching Best F(r)iends, your mind will find paradise,” according to Wiseau which sounds really pleasant and completely unlike The Room.

The trailer for Best F(r)iends is just as awkward as you’d expect and it looks like it’s going to fulfil every fan of The Room‘s wildest dreams.

No word yet on when it’s coming to theatres (or DVD) but hopefully we won’t be waiting too long. Watch the trailer below.