Randy Newman’s New Song Is Dedicated To Shirtless Vladimir Putin

Randy Newman is beloved the world over for his iconic Pixar soundtracks, for movies like Toy Story and Monsters Inc – but his latest creative effort has taken a turn that most probably wouldn’t have predicted.

Newman hasn’t released an album since 2008, and the first song from his forthcoming album is a satirical tune called Putin – inspired by a shirtless photo of the Russian leader.

“A person with that much extraordinary amount of power, doing things like that is disturbing but also kind of amusing,” Newman told The Washington Post. He also said that the reason he released the song during the height of the election cycle was because “people will lose interest after this surfeit of political talk and attention after the election.”

The song has some downright incredible lyrics t00, including “when he takes his shirt off he drives the ladies crazy, when he takes his shirt off he makes me want to be a lady,” and “he can power a nuclear reactor with the left side of his brain.”

Newman’s new album is set to be released in 2017.

Listen: Randy Newman – ‘Putin’