Larry The Cable Guy Breaks Dude’s Arm In Arm Wrestling Match

Forget about “Gittin-R-Dun.” Somebody get this man to a fucking hospital.

According to TMZ, comedian Larry the Cable Guy was in Lincoln, Nebraska last Saturday to watch his beloved Cornhuskers take care of business against the visiting Fighting Illini of Illinois. Because the South loves the type of comedy where you mumble into the microphone for 45 minutes and pronounce words incorrectly, business has been good for Larry over the years. As a result, he was able to take in some football from a luxury suite at Tom Osborne Field at Memorial Stadium.

But it wasn’t just Larry in the luxury suite, as he was reportedly joined by an army veteran named John, who naturally decided the situation was ripe for an arm wrestling contest. Whether or not John told Larry that Ron White and Jeff Foxworthy were way funnier than he was on the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” isn’t known. Nonetheless, the battle was pretty intense there for a second until, well, you’ll see:

Larry the Cable Guy Snaps Dude’s Arm

And boom goes the dynamite.

Nebraska won the game 31-16, but let’s be honest – after seeing that, who gives a shit?

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