New York Comic Con 2016 | ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Panel Report

If there was ever a show that was tailor made for a Comic Con audience, it’s Starz’s Ash vs. Evil Dead. Series star Bruce Campbell has been a perennial favorite guest on the convention circuit for years (why do you think that Burn Notice played so well at San Diego Comic-Con?), and fans have been clamoring for more Evil Dead for over two decades. Last year, Ash vs. Evil Dead gave us everything we could have asked for, and now it’s back for a second season.

At New York Comic Con, moderator Doug Benson welcomed Campbell to the stage for the Ash vs. Evil Dead panel, and he was joined by his co-stars Lee Majors, Dana DeLorenzo, Ray Santiago, Lucy Lawless, Ted Raimi, and Michelle Hurd.

Campbell particularly gushed over Majors, who admitted that he wasn’t watching the show during the first season. However, Majors related his enjoyment of watching the episodes once he was offered the part, and relayed the story of Campbell literally pursuing Majors for the role.

Next, Campbell called out his friend, and long-time collaborator, Ted Raimi, who had bit parts in the three original Evil Dead films. This season, Raimi is playing Ash’s childhood friend, Chet, although he was not introduced in last week’s season 2 premiere. Campbell joked that Chet was a loser for never leaving their hometown, and he hinted that other familiar faces from the Evil Dead franchise will show up this season for cameo appearances.

DeLorenzo and Lawless briefly spoke about their shared experience on the show, namely getting covered in fake blood…repeatedly. Lawless joked that she was “baptized” by the fake vomit and blood that she was sprayed with, while Campbell teased that not even Majors managed to escape getting a blood bath as well.

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Santiago noted that he’s from the Bronx, which got a pop from the crowd. He noted that his character, Pablo is in for some rough times this season as he looks for redemption. Pablo’s body was used by Ruby to unleash the demon spawn at the end of season one. Santiago’s female cast mates teased that he ended up naked for most of the second season. DeLorenzo even quipped that Santiago’s body should have gotten its own billing in the credit sequence.

As is his custom, Campbell gave the audience the hard sell for season 3 of Ash vs. Evil Dead, by telling them to subscribe to Starz and to demand a third season. He also passed out $10 bills to anyone who asked him a question that he liked. When asked about a match between Ash and Sam Axe (Campbell’s Burn Notice character), Campbell simply joked that they didn’t need to fight since all of the checks have cleared.

In some news that might excite gamers, Campbell seemed to indicate that an Ash vs. Evil Dead video game might happen eventually, and he also joked that any potential musical episode would be saved for season 4. Campbell offered a shout out to director Fede Alvarez, who helmed the Evil Dead remake and the recently released Don’t Breathe. Campbell didn’t seem to think that Alvarez would revisit the Evil Dead universe, but he added that there could eventually be Ash vs. Evil Dead movies, if the series stays on the air long enough.

Ash vs. Evil Dead airs Sunday nights on Starz.

Photo Credit: Starz