Ash Reunites With His Father In New ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Video

Last season on Ash vs. Evil Dead, Ash Williams made a deal with a beautiful devil. In exchange for the Necronomicon, a truce, and some gas money, Ash got to head to Jacksonville, Florida with his best friends, Kelly and Pablo, while Ruby got the book of evil that she helped to create. But this fall, the truce is over! And we’re gonna meet the people who are important to Ash whether he likes it or not!

Starz has released a first look featurette for Ash vs. Evil Dead, which brings Bruce Campbell’s fan-favorite hero/idiot back to his hometown in Elk Grove. The events of Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 have given Ash a very bad name among the people he knew best. But there’s one other strained relation waiting for him in town: his father, Brock Williams, as played by TV icon Lee Majors! Campbell and Majors only share a few scenes together in this clip, but it looks like they’re going to make a great comedy duo in the coming season.

Speaking of duos, the video broadly hints that not only is Lucy Lawless’ Ruby reluctantly joining Team Ash (or the Ghostbeaters, if you prefer), he’s also kind of attracted to her. Now there’s a love connection made in hell! And it remains to be seen if Ruby reciprocates that attention at all.

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Ash vs. Evil Dead will make premiere its second season on Sunday, October 2 on Starz. And this year, they finally get to bring some elements from Army of Darkness into play, as something from the past may literally come back to bite Ash.

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Photo Credit: Starz