Here Are 3 Extremely Hot Reasons (And 7 More) To See ‘The Girl on a Train’

The hottest mystery thriller adaptation of the year, The Girl on the Train, is set to hit theaters this Friday, October 7. Below are three extremely hot reasons to see the film, along with a few more we think you should know. Without giving too much away, we’ll tell you it’s busting with beautiful women, mystery and beautiful, mysterious women. Sold? Yeah, we thought so.

1. Emily Blunt

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People who love the cute and perky type of Emily Blunt will have to take a backseat, as “Girl” offers up a dark side to the stunning actress. Blunt plays Rachel, a woman currently going through a separation, who watches a young blonde girl disappear, a girl she routinely sees and considers to be living the perfect life. When the girl goes missing, Rachel speaks to the authorities, as they slowly consider the possibility Rachel had something to do with it.

2. Haley Bennett

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Haley Bennett is nothing if not nonstop sex appeal in the film’s opening trailer, from the moment we lay eyes on her until the very end. We’re excited to see just how frisky the girl from The Magnificent Seven and Hardcore Henry”gets. One thing is for certain: Even if the movie blows, Haley will make it worth our while.

3. Rebecca Ferguson

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We don’t see much of Rebecca Ferguson in the trailer, but she’s in there. And anybody who saw her as a rogue hottie “Mission: Impossible” Girl in “Rogue Nation” knows she’s the full package: a smart clever stuntwoman with a scorching hot body. As far as mystery thrillers go, Ferguson is one of the most mysterious and thrilling parts to be discovered.

Need some more reasons to see The Girl on a Train? How about these…

4. It’s based on the mystery novel by Paula Hawkins.

Photo: Donna Ward (Getty Images)

Hawkins was originally a romance comedy writer, but her serious writing seems to be catching eyes more. This is her major breakthrough, her third book in ten years of publishing. The good news is if it’s as good as we hope, she’ll join the ranks of Gillian Flynn and other great mysterious thriller writers, and the future of film might not be totally in the crapper.

5. It’s quite possibly the best book adaptation of 2016 and co-stars Justin Theroux.

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Of all the book adaptations of 2016, this one caught our eye the most at the start of the year. As far as mystery thrillers, this is hands down the one we wanted to see, while reimagined childhood stories like The Jungle Book paved the way for many upcoming Disney live-action remakes.

Oh, and as far as Justin Theroux goes, two words: The Leftovers.

6. It’s directed by Tate Taylor.

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images)

Tate Taylor knows how to do justice amongst his actors and his stories, especially in his features The Help and Get on Up, both of which had to overcome obstacles in paying tribute to its cast and plot. Along with direction of the hilarious Netflix original, Grace & Frankie, this is a step in a new, exciting direction for Taylor. This could be the beginning of something beautiful.

7. The trailer is about as good as it gets.

Not as good as it gets, like Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt, but more like the sheer amount of mystery, suspense and sex appeal are perfectly formulated in this trailer. Leading off with Haley Bennett throwing the word “mistress” around while sporting ample cleavage, we knew this was going be thrilling one way or another. It leaves you wanting to know more and especially see a lot more of Blunt, Bennett and Ferguson.

8. It’s a nice mix of our favorite female-led thrillers.

It’s like Gone Girl meets Room meets Derailed, all mysterious disappearance movies with a beautiful leading lady and a sexy twist. While Rosamund Pike, Brie Larson and Jennifer Aniston have a place in our hearts, Emily Blunt wins out, especially with the addition of Bennett.

9. Haley Bennett is commonly mistaken for our favorite new Bond Girl.

Photo: (YouTube)

Of all the Bond Girls, we’re a big fan of Leá Seydoux in “Spectre.” Haley Bennett, however lovely, is commonly mistaken for Seydoux. So if you need a reason to see Girl on a Train, pretend it has a Bond Girl and you’ll be right at ease. She also kind of looks like Jennifer Lawrence, if that helps you out too.

10. It’s better than all the other crap coming out right now.

There’s nothing better than going to the theater for a little popcorn, licorice and foundation soda with no idea what you’re going to see. There’s nothing worse, however, than having nothing good to choose from. In a long list of fall releases, The Girl on the Train is by far your best shot at an all-around enjoyable cinematic experience.

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