Hugh Jackman Reveals Latest ‘Wolverine’ Film, ‘Logan: Wolverine 3’

Hugh Jackman hasn’t just fanned the flames of anticipation around the next instalment of his brilliant Wolverine, he’s doused them with petrol. The actor has taken to Twitter to tease Logan, the next episode in the X-Man’s story, which drops Thursday, 3rd March.

The real kicker here is the official artwork (below), which comes with the name and date. Wolverine, claws drawn, can be seen holding hands with a small child. Now this is a very specific thing. Wolverine only ever had two ‘children’ – his son Daken and his “daughter” X-23 who was actually a clone of him. So, did Jackson also reveal a bit of the plot line? Maybe.

Logan Director James Mangold has also joined the fray, tweeting a photo of some script from the film. In this particular scene, Wolverine has one word of dialogue, “Fuck,” before he engages in combat with some goons. It would appear as though this is leaning more towards the Deadpool end of the Marvel movie spectrum (I.E violent and rude).

BUT don’t expect it to be an over glorified, extension level event like the Avengers films. Mangold makes it very clear in the script that the film will go easy on the “hyper choreographed, gravity defying, city-block destroying, CG fuckathon”. Sounds like someone has an Adamantium axe to grind.