It’s Amazing These 25th Anniversary Albums All Came Out in 1991

Not much is remembered of 1991, except its massive music releases, which now celebrate their triumphant 25th anniversaries. Although many of them arrived in the fall, the grunge scene took off with a number of debut hits, as well as a few albums that can never be topped. If you’re not slow head-banging by the end of this read, you’re doing it wrong.

So prepare to feel old, folks, and that’s mainly because anytime you hit back at the nostalgia you are bound to feel reminded of just how quickly time flies ad leaves you behind. But for now, while you’re taking a bite out of nostalgia, remember to enjoy these tunes today, 25 years from now and 25 years from then. You know, if you don’t die before.

Here’s hoping you now go out and check out these tunes!

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